Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour


Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour – Easily the foremost anticipated game in 2012 is of GTA 6. Following on coming from the monumental success of GTA 5, that has sold over 70 million copies since its release in 2013, the new instalement has plenty to reside as much as. This could explain why the franchise developer Rockstar Games is taking its time, ensuring that everything about subsequent open world adventure meets the standards of their illustrious predecessor.

Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour

Details in regards to the upcoming title remain thin on the floor but we have collected everything we all know thus far into this post, which we will update regularly as new revelations arrived at light. Whenever you are hungry to understand what to anticipate after the final exploits in San Andreas, continue reading.

Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour : When does it be released?
As Rockstar is yet to even confirm the existence of GTA 6 there isn‘t any set release date. We do understand that the developer has recently announced the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2, so with that title finished it might make sense for the corporate to show its attentions towards the crown jewel itself.

Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour

There isn‘t any great hurry for Rockstar though, like the continued development from the GTA Online platform, alongside new additons such like the Tron inspired Online Deadline, means that there‘s lots of life (or capital ) still to become based in the existing worlds.

Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour : Which platforms will support GTA 6?
We expect to discover GTA 6 on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles, with perhaps graphically revved versions to the new Xbox One S and Playstation Pro machines. PCs will hopefully see a faster release this point around, after lagging a few years behind the consoles in GTA 5. It is also fair to mention that GTA is not really the kind of title you will find upon the new Nintendo Switch. Last generation consoles are prone to miss out this point around, using the predicted size and complexity from the GTA 6 world proving an excessive amount for PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware.

Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour

Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour : Gameplay and Story
We can’t see Rockstar deviating much coming from the tried and tested formula in an open world adventure with a robust, and presumably dark, narrative that sees players stealing cars, robbing banks, and pulling down buildings built on stilts. A minimum of we hope not.
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Two notable exceptions might arrive with GTA 6 though. One is really a first-person mode to restore the classic third-person applied on all of the major GTA releases since GTA 3. It was actually added being an option in GTA 5 some time after the overall game was released, so it is sensible that it may be there from the beginning this point.

Another is really a playable female character inside the main storyline. GTA 5 did recieve a great deal of criticism to its depiction of girls, so this could go some method to alleviating that problem this point around. Plus it might you need to be interesting to get a woman protagonist and also the storylines that it would speak freely.
It is unclear if the GTA : Online world could be updated to match that from the new title, especially following the troubled launch the internet version had, so we will need to wait and find out.

Grand Theft Auto 6 : GTA 6 Release Date and Rumour : Where does it be set?
This really is perhaps the most important question of. We all know from past interviews that Rockstar begins designing the games once its settled on the ideal location, therefore the selection of city will directly afffect the tone and feel of the overall game. During the past Rockstar has checked out Tokyo as a possible setting, and London has already appeared within the older top-down 2D GTA releases.

It is more inclined though that San Andreas remains the backdrop to the story, using the possibility the new generation hardware finally enables Rockstar to carry out what it is wanted to carry out for a few years – even have all of the previous cities in one game ! Inside a 2012 interview Rockstar North head Leslie Benzies stated that it was whatever they wanted to obtain, with players in a position to fly between locations. It may be a fantastic accomplishment and provide gamers a truly enormous playground, but one problem seems a hard somethat you solve. With Vice City being so intrinsically associated with the 1980s, how wouldn‘t it work inside a modern setting?

Somethat you ponder, but when Rockstar can solve this conundrum then GTA 6 might sell much more copies compared to the title proceeding it.

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