The Incredible Mi VR Spec and Review


The Incredible Mi VR Spec and Review

Discover an entire new reality

Immerse yourself inside an alternate, panoramic or 3D universe brought to life on Mi VR Play.
Explore scenes in first person by panning from left to right, up and down. Made for ultimatecomfort and immersion, it‘s the portal to discovering an entire new reality.

A global without borders

Virtual reality (VR ) is the simplest way to explore the planet without limitations. Teleport towards the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, the Amazon rainforest or towards the snow-capped mountains of Yunnan. Panoramic videos surround yourself on all sides and from ground to sky for any truly borderless experience.

The Incredible Mi VR Spec and Review

Made for serious play

Carefully designed and crafted from quality materials. Mi VR Play is filled with innovation that extends from product design towards the smallest details.

Play your style

Understated is overrated. Select given by a bold collection of prints and colors to style your VR experience.

The Incredible Mi VR Spec and Review

The corporate has also added a metal finished textured button on top from the headset which can help users to operate their smartphone once it is within the headset. Xiaomi’s Mi VR Play also has detachable and adjustable straps to stay the gear set up but these aren‘t section of the package in India, something we hope will alter as they simply do result in the experience an entire lot better. The headset sports anti-reflective lenses for image clarity and it is optical-grade aspheric lens has 0. 01 mm high tolerance interval (all right, that’s us reading the spec sheet ! ). When it comes to size, the Mi VR Play measures 201x107x91 mm and weighs 208. 7 grams, which makes it pretty bulky itself.

Although the corporate mentions the device can sport any smartphone having a display scale 4. 7 to 5. 7 inches, we could easily fit the Xiaomi Mi Max which comes having a display scale 6. 44 inches inside it – there was no room, however, to the Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra. The headset works just fine with most smartphones but smartphones with smaller displays can misbehave inside sometimes. As an example, the Redmi 3S Prime which comes having a 5-inch display sometimes moved inside the headset once we moved our heads. We hardly faced any issues once we kept a much bigger phone inside the Mi VR Play (5. 5 inches and above ) but you need to remember to stay anything with an inferior display bang in the center of the lenses, else It‘ll lead to blurry images and double images.

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