Millet Router 3 an Awesome Wireless Router


Millet Router 3 an Awesome Wireless Router

Millet Router 3 an Awesome Wireless Router

A far better router

The new four-antenna design, 802. 11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi, 128MB large Flash configuration, simple to make use of the exclusive App.
This millet router 3 in front individuals not just better signal, covering a bigger, more stable connection from the device, we also received the praise from the function until the optimization. Do plenty, just to provide you with a better signal intelligence router.

Watching movies, playing games, fast makes sense

Ordinary Wi-Fi 3 times the speed, so the maximum bandwidth to play at home
Home using the Internet increasingly more devices, for example watching live, playing games, download high-definition video, the interest in network speed is likewise more pick Ti.
You‘ll need a faster, more powerful intelligent router to maximize the home broadband, so the whole family could be more enjoyable to benefit from the fun from the network.
Millet router 3 with the configuration and performance optimization optimization again to ensure you employ inside the daily admittance to faster and smoother online experience. 3 router millet smart dual-band dual-antenna, 2. 4GHz / 5GHz dual-band transmit simultaneously, could be set two Wi-Fi. Supports the newest wireless 802. 11ac standard. 5GHz band wireless speed as much as 867Mbps. Dual-band simultaneous transmission, the speed of as much as 1167Mbps.

Millet Router 3 an Awesome Wireless Router

Jump from the house Wi-Fi signal, covering a wider

Support multiple Internet devices connected to satisfy the requirements of the entire family
Millet 3 router with a brand new antenna design, build four external omnidirectional antenna high-performance antenna for two. 4GHz and 5GHz open to independent, simultaneously optimized to the special characteristics of different frequency bands, Wi-Fi signal is stronger, coverage Wider. After configuring the router upgrade millet 3 maximum, ensure more stable Internet connection device, smooth and stable web experience, the family shared.

Omnidirectional high-performance 4-antenna, stronger signal

Antenna like a key think about determining the merits from the router signal is particularly important, We‘ve adopted millet router 3 omnidirectional omni-directional high-performance antenna. Such dual-band antenna design when it comes to performance enhancement particularly well, 2. 4GHz highest performance 5dBi, 5GHz is up 6dBi, signal performance aspect than ever.

More stable performance, reduce routing restart

128MB large Flash, more connected devices, more fun features
Home Internet devices gradually increased, the stability from the router is particularly important. Our breakthrough millet router 3 internal Flash capacity as much as 128MB, 8 times generally not just to upgrade the router supports multiple devices connected towards the Internet, but additionally properly protect the stable operation from the device, effectively reducing the amount of router reboot.

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