The Best of Asus ROG G752VM Review



Most 17. 3in gaming laptops pair their imposing stature with huge, flagship components. That is great for smooth frame rates, although not so great to the price.

The Asus ROG G752VM varies. This machine includes a 17. 3in screen, but its £1, 600 price keeps things relatively sensible inside a market that sees many laptops costing twice just the maximum amount of.

The Best of Asus ROG G752VM Review


The G752VM’s price hasn’t resulted in much compromise when one thinks of components. Graphics horsepower still comes from one among Nvidia’s latest Pascal graphics chips : the GeForce GTX 1060. It is proved to become perhaps one of the more popular new parts, then it‘s the ideal GPU for 1080p gameplay.

The GTX 1060 deploys 4. 4 billion transistors across 1, 280 stream processors, and It‘s 6GB of GDDR5 memory. The mobile chip runs at 1, 404MHz, and that is about 100MHz shy from the desktop card – but these specifications still outpace most full-fat desktop GPUs.

The current-generation GPU is paired having a Core i7-6700HQ. The familiar chip is really a 2. 6GHz quad-core processor having a Turbo peak clock speed of 3. 5GHz. Here it is paired with 16GB of 2, 400MHz DDR4 – another little piece of familiar hardware, and also a decent speed too.

There is a 256GB Toshiba XG3 SSD and also a 1TB hard disk, and that is entirely conventional. A slightly stranger inclusion, in 2017 a minimum of, is really a DVD drive – a welcome addition if you are into playing older games, or watching films.

The G752VM’s nearest competitor is yet another Asus machine : the ROG Strix GL702VM. That system also offers a GTX 1060, however it costs a less expensive £1, 200 – which means it features a Core i5 processor instead of a beefy Core i7 chip. That machine also sports just 8GB of memory and also a 128GB SSD.

The G752VM has dual-band wireless and Gigabit Ethernet, plus lots of ports. There will be four USB 3 ports, a USB 3. 1 Type-C connector, an SDXC card slot and both HDMI and mini-DisplayPort outputs.

The Best of Asus ROG G752VM Review


The G752VM is in the affordable end from the 17. 3-inch spectrum, however that hasn’t stopped Asus from ensuring that it‘s the part.

This machine adheres towards the firm’s “armour titanium and plasma copper” design language, which suggests lots of brushed metal and burnt orange. There is a vibrant-coloured area upon the hinge using the Republic of Gamers logo, orange slashes upon the lid, and dramatic vents over the entire rear.

The Asus looks the part, but there is no sign of slimming down : this machine weighs just over 4kg, then it‘s 44mm thick. That is at the highest end, even for 17. 3-inch machines – the Asus ROG Strix GL702VM is about 1. 5kg lighter and about 50 percent as thick.

The Best of Asus ROG G752VM Review


Asus has kitted the G752VM’s 17. 3in screen having a Full HD resolution. That is fine for gaming, and it also is sensible once the GTX 1060 is taken into account, but it will mean that it panel can’t match the sharpness of another gaming machines.

Its density degree of 127ppi is relatively low, so individual pixels will certainly be simple to spot. If that is a priority, seek out a laptop with a better resolution that could deliver a far more crisp image.

This screen supports Nvidia G-Sync to some limit of 60Hz, and that is fine for any mid-range machine, and it features a matte coating – good for gaming under bright lights.

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