The Samsung Galaxy S8 Review


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – The Samsung Galaxy is really a phone that is unlike anything you will have seen in the marketplace. It is just stunning.

It is incredibly expensive inside a world where mid-range phones are greater than good sufficient to handle most tasks people like… but the next you select it up it is easy to discover why.

The Samsung Galaxy 8 Review

The screen is simply brilliant – the clearest, sharpest and offers lovely color reproduction in order to make movie watching a dream, and that is before you‘ve got even need to the very fact it is wrapped straight into the chassis so hugely that it features a screen larger compared to the iPhone 7 Plus inside a chassis that feels more such as the iPhone 7.

But it is not perfect – inside the search to squeeze the screen in so completely, other factors were overlooked : namely, the placement from the fingerprint reader. If you would like this phone, you will need to answer this : are you currently OK using an iris scanner?

However the Galaxy S8 is firmly a phone that rises above those points to combine everything into your handset that really impresses inside the hand, fitting seamlessly into day-to-day life (so long as you will get during the dizzying price ).

The Samsung Galaxy 8 Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 price

Between £40-£45 on contract
£689 SIM-free
$30 to $31.25 on US carrier
$724.99 SIM-free
AU$1200 to obtain the S8 SIM-free

Ordering early can help you get priority access and gifts
The Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t the cheapest phone in the marketplace by any stretch from the imagination ; actually, it’s probably the most expensive. You’re really paying for the screen.

Inside the UK, you’re likely going to be taking a look at between £40-£45 per month to obtain this phone without an upfront cost with a couple of gigabytes of data, or you are able to purchase it SIM-free for any whopping £689.

Inside the US you are going to pay between $30 to $31.25 a month for that phone having a 24-month contract through American carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Their contract pricing is not cheap.

For $724.99, There‘ll be an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8. However, it won’t be available until two months following the initial phone launch. If you need to go SIM-free immediately, you will need to pay off perhaps one of the carriers first.

In Australia, you’re looking with a shade under AU$1, 200 to obtain your hands for this phone.

The slightly excellent news is you’re a minimum of acquiring a 64GB version of the phone altogether territories ; the presence of the microSD slot means Samsung won’t be launching multiple variants from the phone in several regions, instead offering a decent level of storage as standard and giving users the choice to feature to that in case they so wish.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

The Galaxy S8 launch has been staggered worldwide, using the US getting its hands upon the phone on April 21.

Officially the UK and Australia can get the S8 from April 28, but multiple retailers are providing pre-order deals that could ensure you get it from April 20 (with some throwing in gifts say for example a free Gear VR ) check your local retailer to discover what’s happening there.

The way in which the Samsung Galaxy S8 is put together has as being defining feature from the handset. It‘s as a phone that is been brought back from the longer term, a device that we have been crying out for any phone manufacturer to become brave enough that will put together.

if you are coming towards the S8 coming from the Galaxy S5 or S6, or switching coming from the iPhone 6, then you will be genuinely amazed using a phone that will look thoroughly in your own home inside a sci-fi movie.

The glass is curved on each side, using the popularity from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge convincing the South Korean brand the time is ripe in order to make all its flagship phones look rounded and glossy, using the Edge screen now there naturally.

If you’re worried about accidental tapping upon the side from the screen when by using the phone, we found this did not happen in the least in your early tests.

The Edge features, where one can add in quick links within your favorite contacts or top apps, are neat… however we never remembered to make use of them.

But to how Samsung has designed the Galaxy S8… it is just pure premium from begin to finish. The way in which the front and back from the phone roll straight into the metal rim that sits all around the outside from the phone is simply exquisite, and there is a genuine pleasure to become had when just rolling this phone around and around with your palm.

The buttons are well-crafted, and maybe have a pleasant click and travel – which year Samsung has both removed keys from and added keys to important parts from the Galaxy S8.

We have already questioned the call for a Bixby button upon the left-hand side from the handset, but the very fact it sits below the volume rocker is annoying.

When feeling to the volume rocker to show music down it is super easy to hit that button instead and open in the Bixby information screen.

The Samsung Galaxy 8 Review


Weirdly the Samsung Galaxy S8 does not have the very best spec list available – but it is pretty close. The phone will include either Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung’s own Exynos 8895 chipset inside, both paired with 4GB of RAM.

While the only real storage capacity on offer is 64GB, the SIM tray includes a slot for any microSD card which could handle anything as much as 256GB of additional memory.

The battery is really a 3000mAh affair and also the screen is available in at 1440 x 2960 pixels, which equates to 570 dots per inch (DPI ) of sharpness.

But what does everything mean inside the real world? Well, it basically implies that Samsung has made perhaps one of the world’s most powerful phones, having a battery that lasts through each day, a high-res display and loads of storage and which exhibits a genuine snappiness beneath the finger.

Our Geekbench tests returned a single-core score of 2008 and also a multi-core score of 6630, which is among the best we have ever seen on test.

The Galaxy S8 includes a 3000mAh battery – one suspects this would happen to be larger were it not to the Galaxy Note 7 fires and explosions forcing Samsung to act safe using the S8. However, given that is a similar power pack as seen inside the S7, and larger compared to the one inside the S6, it ought to last just fine.

On surface of that Samsung has also thrown in fast and wireless charging (using any popular wireless charging standard around ), and you have loads of ways to ensure you do not expired of power using this handset.

When it comes to real-world usage, the battery life upon the Galaxy S8 is a challenge to define… ‘better than acceptable’ will be a good method to place it. Under hard use things would get dicey towards finished from the day, but in additional sedate conditions it is easily going to help you get home to some charger.

As an example, We‘re left with more than 60% with an average day by lunchtime (when unhooked given by a charger at 6am ), and performance of that sort breeds confidence inside the power pack.

That is fine for many people, and it also does not feel slippery – but it is not as good like the Galaxy S7 Edge from last year, as an example. Do not take that like a reason not to buy this phone, but do not see battery life like a standout feature either – you will basically not need to worry about battery life upon the Galaxy S8.

The fast charging, while not improved since last year, is miles better than on any phone that arrived in 2015 or earlier. We started charging the S8 from completely flat, and within five minutes it had reached 7% – good enough to really make it home on the commute.

We tested the rapid charge from dead a few times, and located the Samsung Galaxy S8 will go from no power in the least to full in around 80 minutes, having a linear charging curve – so it doesn’t taper off at the conclusion, it is even more of a consistent power top-up.

It was eventually 7% after five minutes, 45% at 35 minutes and 72% at 55 minutes, before ending up at 100% on 82 minutes.

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